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Christmas has now passed, and we hope that you had a joyful start to the New Year with family and friends. Perhaps you have even made one or two New Year’s resolutions, who knows ... but now it’s time to enjoy the beauty of winter – and this means good food too. Our own Cooking Catrin has a truly magical idea for this. The competition is also very much winter-themed – make sure you join in!

I would like to thank you sincerely for your loyalty to LAND-LEBEN and our products – and hope that your wishes for 2019 come true!


A Culinary Winter Walk

Winter – the romance of snow – chalet magic!

After all those days of celebration, it’s good to go for a walk through the sparkling white winter landscape. In the video, Catrin takes you to a rustic Alpine chalet, with two tasty recipes in her bag, of course. The home-made vegetable soup with tasty soup and snack pearls are wonderfully warming, and the roast dumplings with egg put everyone in a good mood.

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It’s time for a proper sledging party!

In the first competition of the New Year, there are three LAND-LEBEN sledges to be won. On this sleek luge sledge, made of robust ash from local forests and with an insulated seat, you’ll fly down the sledge run like a pro. We wish you the best of luck!

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