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Dear LAND-LEBEN Partner,

Autumn is the season for mushrooms! Like many, Catrin has set off into the forests of Carinthia to gather mushrooms for her delightful culinary creations. Today, I would like to warmly present to you her recipe for creamy polenta with mushrooms and toppings – a true delight for the taste buds in autumn! Also, take part in our current prize draw. There are a total of 10 LAND-LEBEN “SOUP TO GO” thermos flasks to be won. They are great for keeping soup hot for hours – perfect for work or school. And last but not least, our new blogger Simone will show you how to make a real hit for the entire family: cheesy spelt nuggets.

Read and enjoy – this is the motto of this autumn issue!


Mushroom season

The mushroom hunting season has begun

At the moment, the forest is beckoning with its aromatic and delicious treasures: chanterelles, penny buns, parasol mushrooms and many other kinds of mushrooms. In the video, you will join our very own Cooking Catrin as she gathers mushrooms and learns things that are good to know about this wonderful pastime. Which mushrooms are edible and which are not? How much mushrooms are you allowed to pick in a certain area? How do you cut and clean mushrooms properly? It’s time to venture into the forest to look for mushrooms – there is almost nothing better than this in autumn!

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Attention, soup lovers!

The premium “Soup to go” thermos flask by LAND-LEBEN lets you carry your soup with you everywhere you go. It can keep your soup (or even other food) delightfully hot for hours – simply the perfect container for our autumn dishes, such as the spicy pea soup. Whether you are at work, in school, camping or having a picnic, you will always have hot soup to keep yourself happy and satisfied. Take part in our prize draw and stand a chance to win one of ten LAND-LEBEN “Soup to go” thermos flasks. Good luck!

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Creamy polenta with mushrooms & croutons

The quintessential autumn dish! When it starts to gradually get colder outside, the polenta will warm you up from the inside, with the mushrooms offering a touch of the forest aroma. However, the icing on the cake is the croutons from LAND-LEBEN – mmm… delicious!


Cheesy spelt nuggets

This is how you get children excited about healthy food! The nuggets taste great not only while they are fresh and warm with green salad, but also when eaten cold during school breaks – give it a try!

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